Wednesday, December 16, 2009


People keep asking why are we giving away free art?

Why Not?
Do we need permission from a gallery or Museum to be artists?
Is money the only validation for an artist?
What is the exchange between a viewer and the artist?
Is the art world owned by someone?
Are we breaking a rule?
Will the gatekeepers be angry?

Giving away art is really resonating with me right now. All the social structures
in the arts seem to be about keeping people AWAY from the art, keeping artists away from people, making art exclusive and rare.

Giving art away in person is exciting. Some people are confused, some offer to pay (we decline), some are very happy, some are a bit greedy. And some pick up a free drawing (or whatever), look at for a long time, clearly like it, and then PUT IT BACK on the table!

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